Exhibition 2019

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Ningbo Lianjian Machinery Co.,Ltd. we are the professional manufactory of Coreless DC Motor, Wire Rope Pulling Hoist and Hand self-locking Winch.and have many years of experience in export trade, timely delivery, quality assured,the products are exported to Germany, Europe ,the United States, Russia, Italy, Finland,Brazil,Uruguay and SaudiArabia.The Coreless DC Motro are:φ12,φ16,φ20,φ22,φ26,φ28,φ30,φ32,φ36,φ40,Wire rope Pulling Hoist are: 0.8t,1.6T, 3.2T, 5.4t,Hand self-locking Winch are: GR150, GR300, GR500, GR1000, GR2000, VS250, VS500, VS1000, and also can be customized 3T to 5T products. products through the German TUVGS/CE certification, quality assurance.

Post time: Jun-06-2019