Operation and use steps of steel wire rope pulling hoist

Operation and use steps of steel wire rope pulling hoist:

1. let the front of the machine to the ground,and pls elt the machine and the ground at a 45 degree angle.

2. Use the left hand and the legs cooperate to stabilize the machine, and then the right hand holds the release handle and the backward handle at the same time, and pushes forward at the same time until the release handle reaches the card slot position.

3. Level the machine, then insert the wire rope from the rear end of the machine and the wire rope goes out from the front end of the machine.

4. Observe the wire rope coming out from the front of the machine. Make sure the wire rope comes out above from the fixed shaft of the machine!

5. Tap the backward handle with your hand to reset the release handle, and the machine will work!

To pull out the wire rope and reset machine after the machine is finished:

After operating the reverse handle and unloading the goods, carry out the step 1th and step 2th above, then level the machine and pull out the wire rope, finally carry out the step 5th above to recovery the machine and put the machine away!


Post time: Jun-15-2020